Decoration Systems

Decoration Systems

The new exterior decoration systems of STYLE DOORS SA follow the modern construction trends.

They aesthetically transform every building, giving luxury and surplus value.

Designed to provide complete solutions to every exterior design requirements.

Wonderful combinations of wall cladding with decorative beams, aluminum front doors with fencing systems, aluminum facades with ceiling cladding systems are combined in perfect harmony of colors with natural wood fidelity.

They are based on materials specialized for outdoor use, such as aluminum and wpc (mixture of wood and plastic).

The great innovation of STYLE DOORS is that, with the mechanical equipment and the know-how it has, it upgrades them aesthetically by adding super durable films for outdoor use.

The fidelity of natural wood is uniquely attributed to both the color shades and the warmth of the touch, with the difference that they do not need any maintenance in relation to the wood.

The colors remain unchanged and are covered by a multi-year guarantee of discoloration and wear.

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