Aluminum plating safety door BO 01KB Bicolor
June 25, 2018


Aluminum plating safety door BO 01B

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Advantages High quality and durability of the painted surface. It is rigid, low weight and flat. It is resistant to weathering, erosion, wear, fading, pollution, fire and water, impact. It has excellent resistance to acids and alkalis. It has a high index of thermal insulation and sound insulation. It requires simple maintenance. Available in a wide variety of colors. It is environmentally friendly due to recyclable materials.
Thermal Flow CoefficientUST = 2,10 W/(m²*K)
Sound Insulation IndexISO 354 0.05 Sound Transmission Loss Rw ISO/DIS 717-1, EN ISO 140-3 [dB] 25 26 27 Loss Factor d EN ISO 6721, Frequency range 100-3200 Hz 0.0072 0.0087 0.0138
Thermal Insulation IndexR DIN 52612 [m²*K/W] 0.0069 0.0103 0.0172
Temperature Resistance-50 to +80
Thermal Air Temperature19,72°C
Cold Air Temperature0,58°C
Temperature of the Hot Side Guide18,67°C
Temperature of the Hot Side Guide0,82°C
Hot Air Side Speed0,30m/s
Cold Side Air Speed2,15m/s
Total Input Power97,03W
Heat Flow Density Density38,87W/m²
Total Surface Resistance0,171m²*K/W
Measured coefficient of thermal conductivity2,099W/(m²*K)
Standard Surface Resistance0,170m²*K/W
Extended measurement uncertainty0,063W/(m²*K)

Certificate of Thermal Purge