Building cladding
    Composite Panel (Bond)

    The Composite Panel of Style Doors opens new horizons in the field of building upgrading, both aesthetically and energetically. It is a material consisting of two sheets of aluminum and a layer of polyethylene among them. The outer aluminum foil is painted in one of our 16 colors. Due to the unique resistance of the dye, carried out at a Hydro plant, a 20 year warranty and fire protection certification are provided. The installation of it is easy on a metal frame, making it possible to place it on various surfaces, flat or not. Apart from its exceptional aesthetic improvement, the building acquires a number of advantages that can not go unnoticed.
    The Composite Panel has the following properties:

    • High quality and durability of the painted surface.
    • It is rigid, light weight and flat.
    • It is resistant to weathering, erosion, wear, fading, contamination, fire, water, impact.
    • It has excellent resistance to acids and alkalis.
    • It has a high thermal insulation and sound insulation index.
    • Requires simple maintenance.
    • It is environmentally friendly due to recyclable materials.
    Color palette

    Composite Panel Install Systems