Fence M6492
May 2, 2018
Fence M4481
May 2, 2018

Styledoors perifraxi modern m6493

Fence M6493

The columns are anodized in INOX color and have dimensions 60x60mm. The horizontal profiles have dimensions 150×14mm, with gaps in between. The decorative profile is in INOX color and has dimensions 14×14mm.
Description MODERN line stands out for its minimal character. The key feature is that the columns and the accessories that accompany them, are of anodized aluminum in INOX finish. Their great advantage is that they match the anodized railings of balconies giving a modern and harmonious view. The dimensions of the columns are: 40x40mm and 60x60mm.
Specifications The placement of columns in the parapet (the concrete marble) is done with metal pins 20 or 40 cm long (depending on the height of the fence), applied to the inner cross section of the columns. The distance between the columns varies with the overall length of the line and the height. In a typical fence height, 80cm columns with a dimension of 60 x 60mm can have a maximum distance of 180cm from each other. Their connection with the horizontal ribbed aluminum plates is done with screws and covered with decorative side covers. The components are of aluminum profiles and shaped on CNC machines.