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April 23, 2018
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April 23, 2018

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Gate C202

Availability: Opening, sliding
The gate design is traditional. On the top and bottom of the gate there is a laser-shaped decorative aluminum sheet which is framed by horizontal traverses. In between the sheet* there are 14x14mm laths in vertical arrangement. This design does not include a blind spot, so the view is not obstructed at all.

* The design of the decorative aluminum sheet changes according to your choice.
Description The sash and frame are made of reinforced aluminum profiles that can be coated with colors of your choice. The sash combines two different profiles for vertical support (traverse). This method ensures strong construction and is achieved by the use of special accessories (not soldering involved).
Opening Sheet dimensions:
Width from 60 cm – 200 cm.
Height from 60 cm – 300 cm.
The total area of each leaf can reach up to 4,0 m². On swing gates in order to ensure correct operation and resistance to frequent use, axial hinges are used directly mounted on the wall. In double leaf swing doors there is a hidden second leaf locking latch (camera type).
Sliding Sheet dimensions:
Width from 100 cm – 580 cm.
Height from 50 cm – 250 cm.
The total surface of the sheet can be up to 9.5 m². That depends on the design and local conditions. Depending on the door width and pattern, the vertical aids are calculated accordingly. The adjustable end fitting and the patented roll support system are the major innovations of the sliding door.