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avril 23, 2018
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avril 20, 2018

Styledoors ayloporta modern m700

    Portail M700

    Disponible: Portillon, Battant, Coulissant
    Le cadre du portail est fabriqué en aluminium anodisé couleur INOX. Le design de la porte est plein avec trois panneaux en vitrage sablé et aluminium composite.
    DescriptionThe sash and the frame are manufactured from anodized aluminum in INOX color. The sash connection is done with aluminum corner joints. The “Modern” line supports all door structures (pedestrian gate / swing gate and sliding gate) with restrictions at large dimensions.
    OpeningSheet dimensions:
    Width from 60 cm – 120 cm.
    Height from 60 cm – 220 cm.
    In each case the total surface area should not exceed 2,5 m². On swing doors the use of an aluminum heavy hinge is required.
    Color options for the hinge are INOX or black. Additional option are the new heavy duty hinges with three-point settings (only in INOX color).
    SlidingSheet dimensions:
    Width from 100 cm – 400 cm.
    Height from 50 cm – 180 cm.
    In any case, the total area should not exceed 6.5 m². Depending on the door width and pattern, the vertical aids are calculated accordingly.