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Within the past years, STYLE DOORS S.A. has built a trusting relationship between the company and its partners. It has become known for the product quality, the consistency and the professionalism of its surrounding people. Innovations have always been the company’s development pillar in th field of aluminium products and security. With this advantage, STYLE DOORS S.A. is one of the few companies that continues to grow and presents fresh ideas in the market focusing on aesthetics and maximum safety.

Style Gates

New Project

Style Gates is a new project of Style Doors S.A. in the field of gate and fence systems. Gates that are designed to match equally at residential and at commercial spaces. Gates that are characterised by high aesthetics and quality in their construction. Easy to install, they apply even in the larger dimensions. The range of fences is designed to match harmoniously with the gate of your choice.

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Aluminum gates have a long lasting life and, at the same time, high durability with low maintenance.
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The most elegant and beautiful fence for your home. Numerous colors and combinations with the strength of aluminum.